360ing is back

Just 360 hasn’t been 360ing around lately. It’s not the writer’s block thingy. I was this dirty old sloth, who spent most of the last month playing Football Manager 2007. Having tried my hand at managing the Red Devils and Cambridge United (from the Conference) with equal amount of success (or rather the lack of it), I switched and decided to take over the Spurs. After seven games without a point, I felt the game had decided I can’t be a manager (just like those dozen profs on interview panels of B-schools), but since then the Spurs have made one of those “one-of-the-greatest-comebacks-of-all-time”. After finishing a creditable fourth in the first season and qualifying for the Champions League, the second one yielded the Premiership as well as a narrow semifinal loss to Milan in the CL.

They say this game is addictive and I have to agree. It also allows you take your mind of some pretty dismal things happening in your life. You may see a number 61, if you take a stroll down the memory lane of this blog, well unfortunately, that’s all that’s left of it now.


The Blues

    Men-in-blue bashing is the new in-thing and I don’t want to join the band Wagon. This article is my two cents on why the Indian Team was not as good as it was portrayed to be and suggestions for the future.

  Team India went to theCaribbean with the (clichéd) hopes of a billion on their shoulders. SRK came to bid them goodbye and had them pose for the cameras with bottles of special edition World Cup Colas. Even Local Newspapers and Television channels send their reporters half way across the world to cover the World Cup.

 A couple of weeks and two defeats later the whole country is in despair. With all due respect to hockey and to a lesser extent to kabaddi, caroms and Cycle polo, cricket’s world championship is the BIG prize in Indian sport and when they don’t do well on a consistent basis, anger of the fans tends to boil over. When their cricket team’s worst performance happens to be at the World Cup there is no holding them back. ZK’s was attacked, MSD’s house was attacked.

This Indian team was said to be better than the 2003 squad but it was almost the same team which grew older and slower over the four years. The guardian said that Indian team used to be the galacticos but now they are more like the geriatricos. They proved to be spot on in their analysis. The fielding suffered and so did the running between the wickets. Only three in the squad Yuvi, Uthappa and Agarkar can claim to be of International class. We had too many one dimensional players (Players who possess only one of the three key skills in cricket: batting, bowling and fielding) in the playing eleven. Munaf and Dada are prime examples of this.

Players who need to quit/take a break from the ODI team according to me.

Saurav Ganguly: Dada’s inclusion in the Indian team was a stop-gap measure. He might have scored the runs but he is not the answer for the future. He should call it quits from the One Day game

Virender Sehwag: He may have scored a hundred but he would be the last person I will put my money on to score runs in a must win game. MS word’s spell-check suggests a different way to spell Sehwag: Sewage!! He really plays like that in pressure games. Rewind to the Adelaide 2003 2nd Innings wild swipe at McGill if you think I am wrong

Robin Uthappa: You are talented but you play more like OUThappa at the international level, throwing your wicket away playing rash strokes.  The only worthwhile contribution of yours in this world cup was that you managed to make a star out of Dwayne “The Rock” Leverock on youtube. I suggest a stint in the English county championship will help you

And a warning to the media!! Get off the cricket team please!!!!!!!! WC2007 should teach you a lesson.

Quiz time back again

After a bad start to 2007, the last two days have been really good for me.  JMET( the test which shortlists candidates for MBA programmes at the IITs) results were out and that fetched a rank of 61. The best I have done in a real-time non-mock exam.

Saturday itinerary had a quiz on it. Long time since i participated in live Quiz. (The last one was a quiz organised by the department of space when I was in S6 and that was almost 3 years ago. In that event, Lalu and myself got through to the finals and finished at the end of the pack. ).Prasanth Vijay, an incredibly smart and intelligent guy with immense female fan following(  Unfortunately, he happens to be one of the few who read this blog) was my team mate for this quiz.  We had to get through a very tough prelim round held at Infy and managed to do so by the skin of our teeth.

Inter-institutional quiz held at C-DAC by their recreation club SWARAM saw more than 40 teams from around 20-25 institutions from around the city participating in it.  P. Vijayakumar was the quiz master for the event– a well known face in trivandrum quizzing circles .

After a preliminary selection round having around 20 qns, 6 teams were chosen for the finals. We were the only team from Technopark to make it. The winners and runners-up of InQuizT( An inter company  quiz held at infy) were also present at this quiz.  They were not able to make it to the finals.

We were the youngest team in the finals which had teams from Barton Hill Engg COllege, Govt Law College, Reserve Bank of India, Legislative secretariat and Stat Bank of Travancore. Two hours of quizzing saw us finishing at 3rd, which was slightly disappointing because we were pipped at the post by Barton hill after they answered the last question of the quiz.

We will be getting prizes on the 20th of January !!!!!!!!

Felt really good to be back quizzing again. PV was in  excellent form in the finals answering a few toughies “Zen and the Art of motorcycle maintenance” and identifying “Rithwik Ghatak”  from a pic.

All those hours of staring into the Atlas, as a kid, helped me get the name of the island on which the capital of Denmark stood.(Zealand) I still would have got this answer had it been asked to me when I was 10 years old. I used to be real good with my maps . Enjoyed that answer.

We also got a couple of “gifts” from the QM after two really ambiguous answers fetched us points . Anyways,  it was a real good experience.

Two posts in a day in my blog!!!  Now that is  better than Tendulkar’s strike rate these days

Adios Amigos

Update on Update

CAT: That elusive feline!

90.57 tastes really saline

IIFT: I tried

but they gave me a kick on my backside


but my job is only half done

NMAT: got the call

but that is only the start of it all

XAT :to be exact

it was one tough act


Last post on this was just after the notification had come out but now almost all my exams are over and none of the results are out. Only XAT remains to be conquered(well…I am an optimist!!!)

CAT: I really dont know how well or bad I did, because this year’s paper was really strange. the English section was the toughest for quite a few years but the math and DI sections were pretty easy. I hardly found anyone who has scored less than me in these two sections. WEll mistakes in the paper didn’t help and people are talking about a retest. Find the relevant thread here. Fortunately or Unfortunately (Cos i really dont know whether I want a retest) the IIMs have ruled out a retest. So I smell a legal battle.

IIFT: The person/persons who set this paper must be from Hitlers SS. I have no comments whatsover

JMET: I did not have too much hope on this exam before writing it because i was concerned about the math portion having those scary complex numbers, trigonometry and the likes but i feel i have done the paper pretty well. Keeping my fingers crossed

NMAT: Wrote it the same day as that of JMET and was mentally tired again really dont know how it went

SNAP: Had to snap my SNAP plans as I was not well and had to skip my trip to ernakulam

Friendship day

Today is friendship day . So I thought of posting something which brings back ol’ memories. On reading this article which I wrote I still cant come to terms with the fact that this happened more than 1 year ago (22nd February 2005). This is the match report of the cricket match between industrial team and the mech engg team…..

Match Report:
the match began late with the s8 industrial team findin it hard
to find da 11 players required to play the match ….finally
we found edin and da match began. Just as everyone
predicted captain courageous Hari lost da toss and we
were put in.
disregarding parag’s prediction tht he is gonna be
hit-wicket, hari played two fabuluos shots and got out
first, a very doubtful leg before decision, with the
score at 18. hari’s opening partner pramod hit a
wonderful hook shot down to fine leg and then he too
perished unfortunately edging to ‘keeper arif. Again
the decisions seemed to be goin da way of the mechs,
the ball was above pramods head on this occasion.
NAndu came in at the fall of hari’s wicket. he essayed
some shots which had class written all over it (to
nandu: chumma oru jadakku idunnathaanu ketta!!!) but
thn he couldnt keep down a rising delivery from
andavan and he 2 got out…by the way anand came and
went in between without troubling the scorers…
now we were in troubleand someone had to steer the
ship.(ithum oru jaadakkaanu).. with santosh and urs
truly at the helm the industrial innings was brought
out of troubled waters…with santosh playing the big
shots and urs truly using some deft nudges to keep
the scoreboard ticking…
after a very good partnership mk played a rash shot to
a full toss and lost his leg stump…our guest player
abc who was promoted to play a few shots…played
those shots but couldnt make contact with the ball.and
our innings folded up for a very respectable 76 runs
in 10 overs

we were more confident of our bowling armory
especially after our captain decicded tht he will not
bowl citing a shoulder strain.. we started well with
pramod and sonu putting the brakes on the scoring in
the first 3 overs …sonu’s fourth over proved to be
expensive but thn we were always in the game. Anand
made up for his batting debacle with a decent bowling
there were 2 dropped catches in between…pretty
straightforward ones…mk the culprit…
nandu had a catch disallowed rather controversially
because he stepped on the boundary while taking a
nandu found tht he was getting a great amount of turn
with his off-breaks and he was given an extended spell
by the captain. by the time nandu came in bowl the
ninth over they required 12 off 12 balls. he bowled a
good over giving just 3 runs. and they required 9 off
the last over. the turning point was the fourth ball
of the last over where a slight mislfield at the long
off boundary gave the batsmen opportunity to run 2 the
bowler’s careless flick went for overthrows. they
required 1 of the last ball.all the fielders were
brought in to save the single but our efforts proved
to be futile
we walked out with our heads held high. after giving a
very good fight!!! way to go guys !!!
( p.s mk dropped one more catch towards the end. and
took one in between AND THE LAST OVER WAS BOWLED BY HIM)

The team which beat us narrowly went on to win the tournament.

This post is dedicated to all my friends in CET industrial 2005

Let me introduce you to hope

You can find hope here. Hope won this year’s ESPY for the best sporting moment of the year. Truly inspiring