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Dina Rabinovitch, the guardian columnist died today. Her last article is touching

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I am testing a new add-on which I got for my wily old fire-fox, which enables posting without logging on to wordpress site. Here goes a post on cricket.

Now that cricket has been made exclusive on Star Cricket, I am listening to BBC commentary on the net. Boycott is on air, along with Jonathan Agnew, and is going bonkers over an unorthodox upper cut attempted by Vaughan. The Indian bowling attack is struggling, in fact from what I hear, they are bowling “rooobish“. Apart from Kumble who toils on, in his 16th year in test cricket, the rest of the attack becomes pedestrian, once the opposition batsmen take the attack to them. 185/1 is the England strong and they are going strong. Vaughan and Strauss are holding fort.

Tendulkar is into the attack, the mix-it up man who can bowl any kind of delivery from a leg break to a conventional out-swinger. Boycott agrees with me and says he is often under rated as a bowler. However, the batsmen have to gift a wicket to India now. If this continues, it is going to be a couple of long days for India out in the field.

So yet another away day where the Indians have been on a leather hunt.

Its successful!!!

Someone who is on air now is claiming that the best cricketer never to play first class cricket is….surprise surprise

Phil Neville

Johnny Sokko and his Puttu Kutti

If there were the Emmies in Trivandrum in the early 90s, one show would have swept them all if the young kids of that generation had their say. The show had everything that a 7 year old would drool over: action, adventure,artificial Intelligence,machine gun battles, battle tanks,monsters et al. If you haven’t got the name of the show yet here comes a clue. It also featured a giant robot; a gargantuan steel behemoth under the control of Johnny Sokko, a Japanese boy who knew a lot of things that children of his age wouldn’t know. Johnny worked for this top secret organisation Unicorn which had branches operating pretty much all around the world. in Tokyo, Vancouver,New York and even one in Trivandrum according to my friends at school. Unicorn had all the latest gizmos money could buy. Video conferencing, IP phones,motion sensing sliding doors, yellow speedo suits and Orange helmets.
Its almost 17 years since the airing of the last episode of Giant Robot(well that was the name of the duffers!!!) and its memories rested somewhere within the temporal lobe of my brain until some psychic vibrations forced me to key in Johnny Sokko in the youtube search box a couple of days ago.I was shocked! The action adventure edge-of-the-seat thriller that was the Giant Robot now seemed like a errr…uhhh.. watch it for yourselves!!

Episode 1:The Sea Monster Part 2

Dr Lucius Guardian steals the show here. “I have planted an Atomic bomb that will explode within 5 minutes”
U3 should have gone WTF?!!! You could have told that half an hour ago.

Dr. Guardian comes up with some really ‘effortless’ acting when he dies in a blaze of glory.

Gee! the greatest disappointment was Giant robot himself looking more like a flying “Puttu-Kutti” (Tin Can for those of you who didn’t understand)

Episode 1: The Sea Monster Part3

Giant robot is really impressive. Say “Take us to Tokyo” and it takes you to Tokyo!! Talk of Global positioning System working in perfect sync with Artificial intelligence!!!

At 6:40(2:32 if its counting  down) Look for the hand gun which fires a couple of seconds late!!!

Giant Robot was so much fun in those days for us kids who were starved of quality programming. An hour of children’s programming was all that we had in a week. These days every other channel offers an eclectic mix of programming for the kids, ranging from Art Attack to Dragon Ball Z . Good old giant robot wouldn’t come within seven neighborhoods of a mid-night slot, let alone a prime time one but to a generation of DD watching kids Giant robot was THE show. It featured in our lunch time and classroom chats for a week and although ‘the flying puttu-kutti show’ looks very amateurish now, the sphinx headed aluminum contraption and his friends captured our hearts and minds when it was aired seventeen years ago. So here is (Hip Hip Hurray) times three for the puttu-kutti.


The title of the blog is Just360 and you might be wondering what it is. Well it means “just looking around” as in making a 360 degree spin around. Well that is just what I am going to do on my chair right now—A 360 degree spin.

0D (0 degree if you didn’t get that): I have about 14 windows open on my desktop including the omnipresent chat windows, the outlook and the Windows Media Player one which I didn’t bother to close after watching an old Mallu movie clip sent to me by a friend. The new DART(that is daily activity reporting tool at office…well if you are wondering what it looks like..hmm pretty much like winzip) is also there which looks slightly more “cool” than the old one which looked like…well a slightly uncool version of the new DART. I hope the next DART should support skins like Winamp….we could have Dhoni DART, Sharukh DART,DART classic( I wouldn’t call the old DART skin a “classic” by any stretch of the imagination) and so on

45D : There is the doodle board with the Marker and the duster(do they still call it the duster?…well the markers don’t produce any dust) and what do I have there? There is this Yahoo! Wordracer tutorial made for my friend explaining to him the secrets of the game. If you are wondering what this wordracer is all about its one of those word games on where you got to find words from a grid of letters. Upto six players will be trying to do the same and once you get to know the right technique of using the mouse and the enter key a lot of words can be unearthed from the grid. For starters it would be better to play with a fellow starter because out there in there will be a lot of experts as well as cheats who use all kind of software to get the words from the grid. Also check out the games Literati and Graffiti on the same site.(All of these are for the “Get-back-home-and-still-stay-in front-of-computer” junta)

60D : Still on my doodle board. I have got the ambigram of my name there. Ambigrams read the same even if you look at it in the “upside-down” mode. This one is my own creation which I feel is much better than the results from a site which gives, or at least tries to give you the ambigram for the word you type in there. Do check it out when you get time and net-access.

Holding my ambigram upon a board is a “cartoon-guy”(A self caricature?? Naa !! I don’t look half as handsome) dribbling a basketball. He is got the Lakers no 8 jersey on. That is my favorite basket-baller Kobe Bryant’s jersey. All this talk of basketball makes me sad because me can’t get to play basket ball here. As Infy is moving into a new campus in the next couple of years there is no use mailing “somebody” asking them for a basketball court.

120D: My friend here is working on his java code that has been driving him crazy for quite some time now. I guess there are a couple of friends of his trying to help him out on messenger. Well not exactly by helping out with the Java but by explaining to him their sad stories about java codes causing them even more trouble.

The errors on his screen will scroll for a couple of minutes if he tries to run his code and he is right now trying to figure some strange patterns from within the scrolling errors which he believes holds the key to the successful debugging of the code. All the best to him for that.

210D: Moving on…. I can see the exit to my cubicle which looked so nice last Friday evening but doesn’t look as nice now. What could have happened to it over the weekend?

From there on all I see is the cubicle partition wall coloured blue and grey. Looks ok! but I like the Orange-ish colour scheme they have upstairs. That looks cooler. Some of the cubicles on this floor still have those decorations they made for Christmas. I have got bored seeing the blue and white day in day out.

How about having cubicle walls which change colours like the ad-boards they have on the grounds for those football matches. Hmm quite interesting!

350D: Almost reached the end of my spin. Ah! Here’s the telephone and my watch says its time for Coffee. I ll check if someone else is free and wants to grab some coffee;Why start dialing ??I have got my “friend at 120D” who is now resting after one of his failed attempts at taming that beast of a Java code. He really needs some coffee.

Well that was the 360. Now you know what Just360 means, don’t you?

This was written last wednesday and update on my friend : He is expecting a call from Morpheus because he has found that the scrolling errors are straight from the Matrix