Johnny Sokko and his Puttu Kutti

If there were the Emmies in Trivandrum in the early 90s, one show would have swept them all if the young kids of that generation had their say. The show had everything that a 7 year old would drool over: action, adventure,artificial Intelligence,machine gun battles, battle tanks,monsters et al. If you haven’t got the name of the show yet here comes a clue. It also featured a giant robot; a gargantuan steel behemoth under the control of Johnny Sokko, a Japanese boy who knew a lot of things that children of his age wouldn’t know. Johnny worked for this top secret organisation Unicorn which had branches operating pretty much all around the world. in Tokyo, Vancouver,New York and even one in Trivandrum according to my friends at school. Unicorn had all the latest gizmos money could buy. Video conferencing, IP phones,motion sensing sliding doors, yellow speedo suits and Orange helmets.
Its almost 17 years since the airing of the last episode of Giant Robot(well that was the name of the duffers!!!) and its memories rested somewhere within the temporal lobe of my brain until some psychic vibrations forced me to key in Johnny Sokko in the youtube search box a couple of days ago.I was shocked! The action adventure edge-of-the-seat thriller that was the Giant Robot now seemed like a errr…uhhh.. watch it for yourselves!!

Episode 1:The Sea Monster Part 2

Dr Lucius Guardian steals the show here. “I have planted an Atomic bomb that will explode within 5 minutes”
U3 should have gone WTF?!!! You could have told that half an hour ago.

Dr. Guardian comes up with some really ‘effortless’ acting when he dies in a blaze of glory.

Gee! the greatest disappointment was Giant robot himself looking more like a flying “Puttu-Kutti” (Tin Can for those of you who didn’t understand)

Episode 1: The Sea Monster Part3

Giant robot is really impressive. Say “Take us to Tokyo” and it takes you to Tokyo!! Talk of Global positioning System working in perfect sync with Artificial intelligence!!!

At 6:40(2:32 if its counting  down) Look for the hand gun which fires a couple of seconds late!!!

Giant Robot was so much fun in those days for us kids who were starved of quality programming. An hour of children’s programming was all that we had in a week. These days every other channel offers an eclectic mix of programming for the kids, ranging from Art Attack to Dragon Ball Z . Good old giant robot wouldn’t come within seven neighborhoods of a mid-night slot, let alone a prime time one but to a generation of DD watching kids Giant robot was THE show. It featured in our lunch time and classroom chats for a week and although ‘the flying puttu-kutti show’ looks very amateurish now, the sphinx headed aluminum contraption and his friends captured our hearts and minds when it was aired seventeen years ago. So here is (Hip Hip Hurray) times three for the puttu-kutti.


8 responses to “Johnny Sokko and his Puttu Kutti

  1. Which school in Trivandrum?

  2. The doctor guy dies with the same expression as Nazir’s in “kannappanunni” when he comes to know that his dad is actually Ummar’s dad and vice versa.

    Go puttu kutti go

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  4. Based from a novel by Mitsuteru Yokoyama about a powerful giant robot was invented by Dr. Lucius Guardian old friend of Johnny Sokko’s late father that made into a secret weapon for the last line of defense against the forces of evil save mankind protect the innocent and keep the peace with the aid of his sidekick Agent Jerry Manners his secret agent/undercover operative and his allies all members of The Unicorn Group a secret organization was part of the United Nations Command to protect the world from destruction and save the people of earth and the future from Dr.Gargoyle and his Big Fire Organization a terrorist organization attempt to try to takeover the world Giant Robot and Johnny Sokko stopped the alien menace and save the world for the benefit of mankind and world peace.Inspired from 1967-69 television series 1971 made for television comicbooks novels animated cartoons/anime/manga action figures dolls and media. Thanks for the information.From:Wayne

  5. He resembles a pharaoh head and a tin man’s body and a metallic warrior invented by Dr Lucius Guardian co-inventor of Johnny Sokko’s late father created a super powerful secret weapon for the last line of defense against the forces of evil save the world and keep the peace for mankind.Thanks!!!

  6. Johnny Sokko he is the only son of the scientist and created the Giant Robot/Giant Robo/Jaianto Robo. Thanks!!!

  7. Jerry Manners a good friend of Johnny Sokko and he is a deep penetration agent and a operative of the Unicorn Group.Thanks!!!

  8. Dr.Gargoyle he is the ruler and overlord of evil leader of the Big Fire/Gargoyle Gang a terrorist organization and a extremist group attempt try to takeover the world and was defeated by Giant Robo and Johnny Sokko . Thanks!!! From: Wayne

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