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Monsoon Madness!

The first rains of this year’s Monsoon have hit Thiruvananthapuram according to the Met Department; the folks there must be having a party after scoring their first hit since independence.(psst.. On double checking found that a couple of hurricanes near Indonesia caused the rains to check in 4 days early; so their post-independence record is intact) The rains take the city into a different dimension altogether. Thampanoor, located in the heart of the city, transforms itself into the largest wave-pool in the Northern hemisphere and all those of you who alight at the Trivandrum Central Railway Station or the Main bus stand can dive straight in(Watch out for the broken slab near the Indian Coffee House). The city planners didn’t want anyone to miss out on the Monsoon fun so they ensured that the place is pretty well connected. A recent survey ranked the rising waters at Thampanoor slightly behind the Bermuda triangle, in the unsolved mysteries category.
It is also the time to bring to light, the contraptions which some of the most brilliant Mallu minds have been toiling to modify over the summer . Located in top secret bases in undisclosed locations two teams of scientists try to out-think each other and come up with alternative uses for the umbrella. This year the Popy team which come up with the ‘Star Wars light sabers’ which can be drawn out of the umbrella has overshadowed Johns which offered the less original “water shooting” variety. According to unofficial sources, Johns umbrellas are working on a Laser guided anti-aircraft missile launching umbrella for next years monsoon to avenge this years defeat. Speaking of missiles and wars, these U Cos.(Umbrella Companies…if it didn’t ring a bell) do battle it out on screen jostling for the space in front of a Reality show name on TV, which is not going to be that difficult this year as there are plenty of them around. Including one show, which pits housewives against each other to find out who can give the most pea-brained performance. Anybody whose performance scores over 80 on the IQ scale is thrown out.
Along with government school classes and KSEB power supply, something else which may take a hit this monsoon season is one of the most spectacular exhibitions of footballing skills held every week in Sreekaryam, in the out-skirts of the city. Every Wednesday, some of Bhavani building’s (1st and 3rd floor plus the ones enjoying the view from the roof) most fleet footed footballers, who for most part of their life try to make sense of the nincompoopery on their computer screens, gather together for an hour to weave magic on the football pitch at Loyola School. With fitness levels matching that of the Above-35 Sumo Wrestling team from downtown Yokohama, the players usually put up a show that one can ‘savour’ for years.

Something to look forward to this monsoon, is India’s cricketing tour to England. Aaah! Watching cricket in England,sipping coffee on a rainy Saturday evening is simply an out-of-this-world experience. Wonder how the ‘geriatricos’ are going to perform this time around.
p.s: Just started using word pad and as the cliche goes- It rocks!! Its better than the drab nothingness of the notepad and much more user friendly than MSWord overflowing with redundant features.

pps: Bhavani building is the one in Technopark Trivandrum.


360ing is back

Just 360 hasn’t been 360ing around lately. It’s not the writer’s block thingy. I was this dirty old sloth, who spent most of the last month playing Football Manager 2007. Having tried my hand at managing the Red Devils and Cambridge United (from the Conference) with equal amount of success (or rather the lack of it), I switched and decided to take over the Spurs. After seven games without a point, I felt the game had decided I can’t be a manager (just like those dozen profs on interview panels of B-schools), but since then the Spurs have made one of those “one-of-the-greatest-comebacks-of-all-time”. After finishing a creditable fourth in the first season and qualifying for the Champions League, the second one yielded the Premiership as well as a narrow semifinal loss to Milan in the CL.

They say this game is addictive and I have to agree. It also allows you take your mind of some pretty dismal things happening in your life. You may see a number 61, if you take a stroll down the memory lane of this blog, well unfortunately, that’s all that’s left of it now.