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Quiz time back again

After a bad start to 2007, the last two days have been really good for me.  JMET( the test which shortlists candidates for MBA programmes at the IITs) results were out and that fetched a rank of 61. The best I have done in a real-time non-mock exam.

Saturday itinerary had a quiz on it. Long time since i participated in live Quiz. (The last one was a quiz organised by the department of space when I was in S6 and that was almost 3 years ago. In that event, Lalu and myself got through to the finals and finished at the end of the pack. ).Prasanth Vijay, an incredibly smart and intelligent guy with immense female fan following(  Unfortunately, he happens to be one of the few who read this blog) was my team mate for this quiz.  We had to get through a very tough prelim round held at Infy and managed to do so by the skin of our teeth.

Inter-institutional quiz held at C-DAC by their recreation club SWARAM saw more than 40 teams from around 20-25 institutions from around the city participating in it.  P. Vijayakumar was the quiz master for the event– a well known face in trivandrum quizzing circles .

After a preliminary selection round having around 20 qns, 6 teams were chosen for the finals. We were the only team from Technopark to make it. The winners and runners-up of InQuizT( An inter company  quiz held at infy) were also present at this quiz.  They were not able to make it to the finals.

We were the youngest team in the finals which had teams from Barton Hill Engg COllege, Govt Law College, Reserve Bank of India, Legislative secretariat and Stat Bank of Travancore. Two hours of quizzing saw us finishing at 3rd, which was slightly disappointing because we were pipped at the post by Barton hill after they answered the last question of the quiz.

We will be getting prizes on the 20th of January !!!!!!!!

Felt really good to be back quizzing again. PV was in  excellent form in the finals answering a few toughies “Zen and the Art of motorcycle maintenance” and identifying “Rithwik Ghatak”  from a pic.

All those hours of staring into the Atlas, as a kid, helped me get the name of the island on which the capital of Denmark stood.(Zealand) I still would have got this answer had it been asked to me when I was 10 years old. I used to be real good with my maps . Enjoyed that answer.

We also got a couple of “gifts” from the QM after two really ambiguous answers fetched us points . Anyways,  it was a real good experience.

Two posts in a day in my blog!!!  Now that is  better than Tendulkar’s strike rate these days

Adios Amigos


Update on Update

CAT: That elusive feline!

90.57 tastes really saline

IIFT: I tried

but they gave me a kick on my backside


but my job is only half done

NMAT: got the call

but that is only the start of it all

XAT :to be exact

it was one tough act