Monthly Archives: December 2006


Last post on this was just after the notification had come out but now almost all my exams are over and none of the results are out. Only XAT remains to be conquered(well…I am an optimist!!!)

CAT: I really dont know how well or bad I did, because this year’s paper was really strange. the English section was the toughest for quite a few years but the math and DI sections were pretty easy. I hardly found anyone who has scored less than me in these two sections. WEll mistakes in the paper didn’t help and people are talking about a retest. Find the relevant thread here. Fortunately or Unfortunately (Cos i really dont know whether I want a retest) the IIMs have ruled out a retest. So I smell a legal battle.

IIFT: The person/persons who set this paper must be from Hitlers SS. I have no comments whatsover

JMET: I did not have too much hope on this exam before writing it because i was concerned about the math portion having those scary complex numbers, trigonometry and the likes but i feel i have done the paper pretty well. Keeping my fingers crossed

NMAT: Wrote it the same day as that of JMET and was mentally tired again really dont know how it went

SNAP: Had to snap my SNAP plans as I was not well and had to skip my trip to ernakulam