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Let me introduce you to hope

You can find hope here. Hope won this year’s ESPY for the best sporting moment of the year. Truly inspiring


The Notification is out

The month of July brings with it the CAT notification. This has got nothing to do with those felines whose name has been dragged into this without their permission. Many management schools in the country use the CAT or the Common Admission Test for selecting the students for their management programmes. So today the notification is out in almost all the newspapers across the country.

This November will be the third time I will be writing the CAT. The previous two years i had mixed results. In 2004 it was a pretty decent 98.13 which fetched me calls from IIM Bangalore and MDI (PGPHR) both of which i failed to convert, although i felt my ‘B’ GD/PI perfromance was good. But that is how it goes I guess.

In 2005 I graduated and joined Infosys technologies, and again attempted the CAT and it turned out to be slightly nightmarish. I got 92 percentile with only 10 marks out of 50 in the English section which was my lowest score across the 50 odd mockcats and realcats i had attempted over a period of 2 years.

I managed an XLRI call but again the interview bug bit me and i had one of the worst interviews a person could ever have in Chennai.

So this is the beginning of the third journey. These People who design the CAT papers are so good at surprises that you wonder whether one of them would be hiding behind the corner just to give you a scare. For the record, they have scared more than 3 lakh test takers over the last two years.

This year the surprises have started early. I guess they couldnt wait till the 19th of November

Surprise 1: Its going to be of 2.5 hours duration. That is half an hour extra (My opinion : The 2 hrs is really draining on the mind. The extra half an hour is not going to be productive(at least for me). I have to rework my strategy, thinking of doing less calculation questions in the last hour) 

Surprise 2(And this is one shocker of a surprise): They have given the minimum cut-offs across sections 25 percent for each section and really challenging 30 percent overall cutoff. One might ask”Yeah!… you needed 40 percent to pass in school now its just 30 percent”. Dont ever think of mentioning this to a CAT aspirant. Last year only about 750 of the 150,000 or 0.5 % of the test takers managed to cross the 30 percent barrier( so i guess… and I am really guessing out here trying to be optimistic..this time the paper might be slightly easier).

So that’s the notification side of things….Now tht’s done and dusted here starts the journey.. Bon Voyage to me!