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One Man Demolition Squad

Just came from the cinema after watching Thuruppu Gulan (Trump Jack) with the entire project team.Well its not a really big team, there are 17 of us in it.In fact it is the smallest team in the DC.

Coming back to the movie, any movie would get an oscar from me if releases me from the clutches of the nightmares of Shaadi se Pehle and TG will recieve a couple of them because its good fun. NO its not one of those classic movies, or one which could hold a candle to one of them but its a good time-pass movie. Mammotty plays Kunjumon alias Thuruppu Gulan who is a part time Thattukada owner, Bharatanatyam student ( there is no typo here!!), a part time gambler and a full time SUPER MAN upon whom noone can manage to land even a single punch. In fact he is better than SUPER MAN who had a worse Punch-count record.
Nothing much to review in the movie it’s the usual story line where all is well thats ends well, where SUPERMAN annihilates all his enemies and flies away (Instead its the Mollywood style 180degreeturn-slowmo’ walk-with sidekicks)



Why did they make this movie? Just watch the movie "Shaadi se Pehle" and you will ask this question again and again. The makers of the movie request the viewers to remove their thinking caps before watching it, but after surviving through two and a half hours one is forced to ask whether they used any of their brains while making this. Why would the actors act out the worst storyline ever written ? Why would Himesh " blow through the nose" Reshammiya compose music for this? Why would someone spend so much money to produce this? Unfortunately I dont have any answer for any of this except for,may be, the Reshammiya question:he composes and decomposes everything he gets hands on these days.

To take you through the "story" would be my pleasure (sadistic, of course).Rani Bhalla (Ayesha Takia) falls in love with Ashish Khanna (Akshaye Khanna) after the latter cracks some of the worst PJ's ever heard by mankind, until then (This record will be taken over by several other "jokes" later in the movie). Ashish who is always worried about him getting infected with some strange virus or some mysterious disease goes to the doctor (Boman Irani) for a check-up and overhears him talking about a patient who is about to die of cancer and thinks that he is the one who has cancer. He then does a lot of stupid things after that in order to distance himself from Rani like wearing some colourful T-shirts, going to a funeral accompanied by " a-secretary-with-short- skirt ", drinking lots of alcohol etc.,( btw..etc is media partner for the movie…i guess the pj thing is catching on)

Aftab plays Rohit, the "complete-the-love-triangle-guy", who hopes to get married to Rani once she leaves Ashish for good. In comes Sania (Mallika Sherawat) and her underworld-king bro Anna(Sunil Shetty) and his gang of some 50 Kalashnikov wielding guys and this entire lot's combined IQ score will be less than 100. Sania falls for Ashish and he flirts with her in front of Rani and the trick works making Rani ditch Ashish. However Anna fixes Sania's marriage with Ashish, who learns then that he doesnt have cancer and tries to win back Rani, who is about to marry Rohit. The rest of the story goes on as expected and finally everyone's happy except the viewers …… and the producer.

the pro's: The credits,the cars used in the climax

the con's: Everything else

How many stars out of five????!!!! Better give this some 8-9 truck loads of rotten tomatoes

College da!

S1S2–We were in M3 along with the mechanical guys. There were a whole lot of people in our class and it was real fun. everything except the classes However we managed to survive the most boring lectures on this side of the planet. When I think about S1S2 what first comes to my mind is playing Basketball. I had fallen in love with Basketball when I was in 12th but i Hardly got time to play Basketball in school. 10 mins in the lunch break was just about manage to start a game and the bell goes.But once in college we had loads and loads of time to play. we played whenever we felt like playing. Everyone came to play Santosh, Hari, Chanchel, TC, Sreeju,Cheeni and Anand all joined in and it was great. We even used to carry the keys of the Indoor Stadium along with us and we could play any time of the day. and when all the balls in the phy. education dept got busted we went and bought a ball and I used to carry it around the place.Even took the Basketball to the mechanical workshop to ensure its in safe-custody.

but all good things must come to an end When we were in S4 the indoor stadium became a creche..yeah a CRECHE for the teachers kids…no there were nt a whole lot of them..3 may be 4 and ‘cos of that we werent allowed to play and there ended our basketball careers…BTW i managed to play about 5 mins for the College ‘B’ Team later in our 12-48 loss to TKM..The rest of them dint play after that.

S1S2 was my last good year in Quiz, more on that later

Now, S1S2 went just like that and we were in S3 and it was industrial engg only and as we were only 30 in number we were “dumped” into the smallest of smallest classrooms. For me the first few weeks in S3 were real bad mainly because if was really tensed about the results of the first year exams.

The exam time was a horror 3 weeks for me, relentless the exams were and exams on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for three consecutive weeks. It may not seem that big a burden but once you do every exam worse than the one before it, man it becomes tough.After the exams i really thought I’d fail in atleast 5 of them and the worse thing about the Kerala University results is that people get to know of their results before they are officially published…and when people started knowing their results all sorts of rumours spread around. One fine morning it was Oct 3 2002 I came to know of the results and I have an “all-pass”. Phew!!! It felt like someone had lifted a Boeing 747 off my shoulders.

S3 classes were not definitely as boring as the S1S2 ones but still quite boring especially those building drawing classes of the SalimKumar(malayalam cine-artiste) look-alike Mr. W.

The most memorable part of S3 was the trip to Kodai and Madurai.It was a well organised trip Even though it was unofficial most of the guys came and it was a great experience.Playing Cards with Santosh,Tc and Jibu on the Kodai hotel room Balcony was great fun and also the Campfire where Hari had one of his last mimicry performances.

One of his last…yeah and the last one came just a few weeks after that..There was this Hotch-Potch Inter-collegiate fest where Mimicry was a competition event and we pushed Hari on to the stage and that was an experience for him that neither he nor us will forget. Partly because of the fact that the mimicry was scheduled ahead of the Much awaited Choreo_Video and mostly because what he performed there was utter Crap the audience began to boo him..and boo they did. Only 3 persons in that didnt boo him that,nandu and yeah Hari himself. Hari retired from Mimicry and he never mimicked another person even before friends. But to his Credit he got himself an article he wrote based on this incident published in the Youth Express.

And the class’s sporting interest shifted to table-tennis during this semester.

Now in S4 it too had its share of the highlights. S4 we were still in that small classroom and classes were really boring especially the electrical technology classes that drew out all your charge. The teacher also had the pleasure of kicking me outta class a couple of times.

The Electrical Lab was messy our batch throughout the course was the worst of the lot. My batch had roll nos. 1-10 having the likes of Hari, Chanchel,Jk,Ajmal,Imran and me. In this particular lab most often we ‘d get tangled up with the wires or blowing a coupla fuses.

Now the sporting interest turned to soccer for the batch and we used to play during the lunch break and one such day Sreeju, oh i havent introduced him.

Sreeju is a 6’ 1″ guy almost 100 kgs and the strongest guy in class. He is also one of the most intelligent persons I have ever met. This guy has an amazing IQ level of 165 and he is one of my best pals.

He was not a soccer player and played just because he could push down a couple of people and One fine day while we were playing this guy had a slight fall and voila! his ankle was at a right angle. A dislocated ankle brought an end to his footballing dreams.

Another fun incident was when Santosh chased me down the Drawing Hall when we were supposed to be drawing. He made so much noise that the teacher who was half asleep woke up and politely asked us to go out. As usual i was innocent

to quote Forrest Gump

“That’s all I have to say about That”

Part Two coming up later

Of 49.5% and 99%ile

The HRD ministry with its decision of increasing the reservation of seats in the IIMs and the IITs for the backward community to an insane 49.5% has placed a huge hurdle in front of the deserving candidate. A hurdle which may prove to be too high for him/her. A helping hand for the backward community?. I beg to differ with that opinion also.
What is the objective of having Reservation in various educational institutions? It is basically to help the socially and economically backward classes rise up the proverbial “ladder”.Having reservation in the IIMs is like replacing the top two steps of the ladder with an escalator. While doing that the “Reservation Rule Makers” are forgetting about initial steps. Do these “socially and economically backward classes” get the proper basic education? Does Rural India get proper English Education? Does a rural indian attend the Common Aptitude Test or the Joint Entrance Exam with the same amount of training as that of an average urban-school educated student? NO..and a real big NO it is

What is the use of putting an escalator at the top for the backward classes if the bottom two rungs of the ladder are broken!!

So who makes use of this 49.5%. Someone’s got to fill up those seats.Dont worry there will be lots queueing up with certificates.Some of them will be carrying fake ones, lets leave them alone, they are always there! Most of these persons will be there not because they are socially or economically backward but because their surname makes them so. These are the minority within the minority who have the moolah to get themselves admitted to good schools and coaching centers.Should they be given an advantage over the others? They already are at par with the average GC(General Category) person and that should place them in a level-playing field with the others.

However the rural Indian candidate will suffer a lot because of the lack of proper English Education given to him/her at the school level as he/she will struggle to compete agains the city educated students when it comes to the English section of the CAT and the GD\PI part of the selection process. The candidates who will get through will be the private school educated ones with the “lucky surname”.They most probably will only need to just sign against their names in the attendance register and ensure that they are not dumb enough to miss a few sitters in the question paper and voila! The doors of the IIMs are open.

A 60%iler might join an IIM because of the “49.5” while a 99%iler might miss out and such a scenario is tragic

Just looking around!!

I am just looking around; finding some things good and some bad , some things exciting some not so, will let you know about them as I see it. Just 360ing..just a jester